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Moonly - Discover Upcoming NFT Update #3 Good day good people 🌻. Hope you all have a great week. I didn't share last week progress update, because it flied super fast. I was doing everything I needed to move th... (More)
Moonly - Discover Upcoming NFT Update #2 Hello people 👋, how is your week? Hope you did at least half of what you wanted. Last week I introduced my new project called which discovers upcoming NFT's, currently on Solan... (More)
New project - Upcoming Solana NFT (Moonly) Good day, good people! After a short break of sharing my progress update for Automatio, I am back with a new project. Meanwhile I got married and became a father (minted) beautiful girl... (More)
Automatio Weekly Progress Update #21 Good day good people! How was your previous week? Here is last week progress update on my bootstrapped journey with Looking forward to hearing your feedback on my progress. - 💰 Acquired 2 customers... (More)