This Thursday (25.06) another webinar from the "Thursdays with Experts" series (only in Polish, no registration)

➡️ During the meeting, we will talk with the President of Qalcwise, Krzysztof Kowal and Justyna Kwil - Manager for business process automation in Omega-ES about how to achieve greater business efficiency in the new reality.

➡️ The meeting will be led by irreplaceable Marek Bugała General Director for Sales at Intelligent Technologies S.A. - ITSA.

➡️After a pandemic, most companies already know what they have coped with perfectly, we also know what tools we lacked for effective work. In order for the company not to suffer in the future, we want to talk about how to achieve efficiency in the new reality?
- process automation in the company.
- actual automation costs.
- why is it worth taking some processes in the company to a higher level

💡Link to the meeting:

💡 We start at 14:00

We cordially invite you! 💥