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Moonly weekly progress update #32 As you all know we are currently in the testing phase. Buckle up and be patient just a little longer, because soon enough you will have the chance to test it yourself! Weekly devs progress:... (More)
Moonly weekly progress update #31 Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling great! Despite the holidays, many technical things have been completed, which are very important for us in this final phase. All the pieces are slowly coming together... (More)
Moonly weekly progress update #30 Happy New Year to everyone, God bless you all! I hope you had a nice New Year’s Eve, with your loved ones and in the circle of your family. I wish you lots of health,... (More)
Moonly weekly progress update #29 Happy holidays everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas feasts and had a good rest! Weekly devs progress: - Implemented live-feed-worker - Resolve the ESM module issue - Implement auto job removal from Bullmq on... (More)