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Moonly weekly progress update #33 A very busy and productive week and a lot of UI/UX and SEO changes. We tried to focus on changing things on our app that will speed it up significantly. The user interface on some... (More)
Moonly weekly progress update #29 Happy holidays everyone, I hope you enjoyed your Christmas feasts and had a good rest! Weekly devs progress: - Implemented live-feed-worker - Resolve the ESM module issue - Implement auto job removal from Bullmq on... (More)
NFTslangs - The Ultimate NFT Slangs Dictionary Hey guys, I wanted to share one recent side project me and my crew made. It’s called, and it’s just a database with all crypto/NFT slang or words, that people use in... (More)
Moonly weekly progress update #28 Another week went by at the speed of light, and a lot of technical things were completed. These are obstacles that we have to overcome to achieve the features and be closer to our goal!... (More)